Balearic Islands Travel Guide


Among the typical festivities that are held in the different towns and villages of the Balearic Islands, one of the most important is the Fiesta of San Juan at Ciutadella around June 18, 23 and 24. The festivities of La Devallament at Pollensa (March 23), Sa Pobla (January 16 and 17) in honour of San Antonio Abad, and the Day of La Beata at Santa Margarita (September 3), are all of interest to tourists. Ibiza celebrates its festivities on the days between July 30 and August 5.

Mallorca Festivals

Find yourself swept along by the atmosphere of a traditional festa and you will get a completely different picture of Mallorca. Most are religious in origin and a few date back to the time of the Christian conquest.
Every town and village has its saint's day, whose eve (revelta) is marked by a verbena, a street party with music, dancing, fireworks and fancy dress. Battles are acted out between devils and heroic women, or Christians and Moors; people prance about as horses, and a good time is had by all.
Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos (5 Jan): The Three Kings arrive by boat in Palma to distribute gifts to the city's children.
Sant Antoni Abat (16-17 Jan): Processions of pets and farm animals in Palma, Arta and Sa Pobla.
Sant Sebastia (19 Jan): Bonfires and barbecues in Palma's squares.


Sa Rua (final weekend before Lent): Carnival held in Palma and elsewhere on the last weekend before Lent. It is marked by bonfires, fancy dress and processions of decorated floats in Montuiri the Carnival is known as Darres Dies (Last Days).


Semana Santa (Holy Week): A week of solemn Easter preparation begins on Palm Sunday, when palm and olive branches are blessed at churches across the island before being taken Mallorca to adorn front doors. During Holy Week there are processions every day in Palma; the biggest procession is on Maundy Thursday. Other towns and villages have their own processions too. On the evening of Good Friday a figure of Christ is lowered from his cross in Pollenca and carried down the Calvany steps in silence. A similar event takes place on the church steps in Felanitx.


Moros i Cristians (8-10 May): Mock battles between heroes and infidels in Soller, commemorating a 1561 battle in which local women helped to defeat a band of Turkish pirates.


Sant Pere (28-9 Jun): Processions of fishing boats in Palma, Port d'Andratx and Port d'Alcudia in honour of the patron saint of fishermen.


Pa Virgen del Carmen (16 Jul): Processions of boats in the island's ports, including Cala Rajada, Port de Pollenca and Port de Soller.
Santa Catalina Thomas (27-8 Jul): Homage to Mallorca's patron saint in her Mallorca town of Valldemossa.


Sant Bartomeu (24 Aug): Devil-dancing in Montuiri at one of Mallorca's oldest festivals.
Sant Agusti (28 Aug): Cavallets dances in Felanitx, with children dressed up as cardboard horses being chased by giants to the accompaniment of bagpipes, flutes and drums.


Harvest festivals including a melon festival in Vilafranca de Bonany (second Sun in Sep), a wine fair in Binissalem (last Sun in Sep), and a botifarro (blood sausage) festival in Sant Joan (third Sun in Oct).


Festa de l'Estendard (31 Dec): Palma commemmorates the anniversary of the Christian conquest with a procession from the town hall to Mass at the cathedral.

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