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Nightlife in Copenhagen changes fast and starts late, things don't really get going on Friday and Saturday night until after midnight. The city has an ever-changing range of clubs, restaurants and bars catering to all tastes - cutting edge dance music; world-class jazz; or pop. The city also has a surprise up its sleeve in the form of several popular and groovy DJ/bar/restaurant 'hybrids' that change mood and function over the course of an evening.

Vega and Rust
The Vega complex, housed in a magnificent 1950's trade union building, is one of the most popular night life venues in the city and with the opening of a new, super-cool Vega Lounge that popularity looks set to continue. After opening in 1996, Vega quickly built a reputation for attracting big name acts (David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Bjork and Prince, among others). It also has a strong reputation for luring the best DJs in the world (Fatboy Slim has played here), and has been consistently voted among the five best DJ venues in the world by Muzik and Jockey Slut magazines. Vega, located in Vesterbro, is divided into four main areas: Store Vega (Big Vega), a concert and club night venue with a capacity of 1,500; Lille Vega (Little Vega), where you'll find the best Friday and Saturday club nights; and the Ideal Bar, which also has DJs and live bands at the weekends. And finally, the much-anticipated Vega Lounge has opened in two rooms across another floor. Vega Lounge plays soulful music, has waitress service, an extensive drinks menu and a relaxed vibe, all wrapped up in decor described as '1950s with a 2001 make-over'.

Rivalling Vega for popularity and also attracting cutting edge, big name acts is Rust in Nørrebro. Though not as big as Vega, Rust is spread over three floors and has a cocktail bar, main bar and large dance floor. Popular with students and trendy, young locals, Rust also has an outdoor yard, which is open during the summer.

Hybrid Bars/Lounges
A wide range of the city's nightlife venues, like the pioneering modern Scandinavian restaurant Konrad along with Ketchup and the trendy Zoo Bar and the gourmet fast food joint Delicatessen in Vesterbro, defy conventional categorisation. In the daytime, they may operate as a café or restaurant; come the evening, they become restaurants and/or bars, and there's a good chance that, by the end of the night, a DJ will have the clientele filling the dance floor.
Bar Rouge at the five star design hotel Skt.Petri in a former department store from 1928 has Bar Rouge Nights every Friday and Saturday. Bartenders shake international cocktails and the DJs give you the latest and greatest. Konrad and Skt. Petri have their own Lounge CDs for sale.

Stereo Bar on Israels Plads is a much-loved pre-club joint, with funky '70s decor. Easy listening predominates, but you can sample anything from trip-hop, to drum and bass, to jazz here. Slightly more underground in feel is Stengade 30, in Nørrebro, which blends the best of Danish and overseas rock and dance acts.

Vesterbro also has plenty to offer a younger crowd, including Bang and Jensen, a café housed in a converted chemist.

Just Dance
For pure dance clubs you'd do well to head for Baron Boltens Gård where you'll find the Club Mirage. Also in Baron Boltens Gård is the private members club NASA, which - if you are pretty enough or look rich enough - you might be able to wriggle your way in to without membership.

Park is, however, a more than acceptable replacement if you don't fancy doing battle with the doorman at NASA. Park is close by Parken, the national stadium in Østerbro, and presents live music every week, DJs and discothèque every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Park also runs a café/restaurant, offering a three-course menu for dinner and outdoor barbeque in the summertime.

Another great place to boogie through the night is Søpavillonen, situated by Peblinge Sø (lake). Every Friday and Saturday bands play popular copy music and afterwards the discothèque goes on till five o'clock in the morning.

Park Diskotek is, however, a more than acceptable replacement if you don't fancy doing battle with the doorman at NASA. The discotheque is close by Parken, the national stadium in Østerbro, and runs the "disco ballroom" Club S, with DJ music in an authentic´70s atmosphere.
For jazz lovers, the world famous Copenhagen Jazz House offers international quality performers in an intoxicating, intimate atmosphere. Club nights at weekends tend to draw a younger crowd. And finally, Copenhagen's gay scene is centred on Sebastian and Heaven, and the popular, three-storey Pan Disco.

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