Shanghai Travel Guide


4 May - Youth Day

1 Jan - New Year's Day

1 May - International Labour Day

8 Mar - International Working Women's Day

Feb - Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

1 Aug - Anniversary of the Founding of the PLA

1 Jul - Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party

1 Jun - Children's Day

1 Oct - National Day

Moon Festival
One of China’s most beloved cultural celebrations is the Moon Festival in autumn, marking the end of the harvest season. Main symbol of the festival is the baking and eating of Moon Cakes: round pastries with sweet fillings. In Shanghai the favourite filling is red bean paste.

Shanghai Tourism Festival
The massive Shanghai Tourism Festival showcases not only all the city has to offer visitors, but is the perfect event for locals and foreigners to discover the fascination of Chinese culture and history. The opening ceremony takes the form of a grand-scale parade of floats and international performance troupes telecast live to the whole country.

China Shanghai International Arts Festival
Shanghai becomes the focus of arts fundis during the month-long festival hosted by the Ministry of Culture annually since 1999. The varied programme features more than 150 performances covering everything from symphony orchestras, dance, and opera to acrobatics, magic and drama.

Chinese Grand Prix
A new circuit in the Formula One Grand Prix, Shanghai's International Circuit welcomes the deafening noise, prestige, speed and the very best in motor racing that comes with such a spectacle.

Chinese New Year
New Year starts with a bang in Shanghai, where exuberant and exceedingly loud fireworks displays rock the city all night long on this, China’s most merry of celebrations. Not everyone appreciates the scale of the fireworks, but traditionally the noise is necessary to frighten off evil spirits for the coming year.

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