Stockholm Travel Guide


Public Holidays

31 Dec - Nyarsåfton (New Year's Eve)
26 Dec - Annandag Jul (Boxing Day)
25 Dec - Juldag (Christmas Day)
24 Dec - Julafton (Christmas Eve)
Sat in late Oct/early Nov - Alla Helgons dag (All Saint's day)
1st Fri after 21 Jun - Midsommardag (Midsummer's Day)
late May/early Jun - Annandag Pingst (Whit Monday)
late May/early Jun - Kristi Himmelsfärds dag (Ascension Day)
1 May - Första Maj (Labour Day)
late Mar/early Apr - Långfredag, Annandag påsk (Easter)
6 Jan - Trettondedag Jul (Epiphany)
1 Jan - Nyårsdag (New Years Day)

Opera and Ballet performances at Drottningholm Court Theatre.
From May to September.
Kite Festival
Event for the whole family in Gärdet field.
The world's largest bicycle competition for women.
Elite Race
Trotting competition at Solvalla.


Stockholm Marathon.
Beginning of June.
The Swedish National Day
June 6, held in the Skansen Park.
Midsummer Celebrations
End of June.(In Sweden the Midsummer celebrations are not held on Saint John's, instead the holidays are always celebrated on Friday and Saturday closest to June 24. The celebrations are held at the Skansen Park, with traditional costumes, folk music, and folk-dancing. On the many islands in the archipelago there are always a variety of events.

Around Gotland
Beginning of July. Start and finishing line at Sandhamn one of the largest yacht races in the world.
The Archipelago comes to town
Happenings at Strömkajen.
Day of the Antiquated Steamboats
Stockholm's proud white steamboat fleet on parade.

The DN Gala
Beginning of July. An international competition among world class athletics.
Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Second Sunday in August. An outdoors performance held at the lawns at the Maritime History Museum.
Archipelago fair
Mid August. A market in Vaxholm located in the northern archipelago known as the Roslagen.
End of August. A ten kilometre race for women exclusively, one of the largest of its kind beginning and ending in Djurgården.


Sailboat Day
Beginning of September. A regatta with hundreds of sailboats taking part, as well as being on display, throughout the waters of Stockholm.

Stockholm Open
End of October. The famous international tennis tournament in Globen.
Stockholm Film Festival

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